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The below stated Terms and Conditions represent an agreement between our website and you as a visitor to our site or user of our provided services. For convenience, these Terms and Conditions may be referred to as T&Cs in this document, and either the website or the site visitor (you) may be referred to as either ‘party’ or ‘parties’ going forward.



1.1 The agreement presented in this document is binding, and its purpose is to help clarify what is expected of both parties, and to aid in the case of a dispute or misunderstanding. It is understood that a conflict cannot and will not in any way affect the interpretation of the Terms and Conditions, and that what is stated here applies until we choose to change or update the information. No external agreements, contracts or decisions are to have any impact on the Terms and Conditions in their most recent form.

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2.1 Understand that any website, company or casino mentioned on our site, be that in a review, comment or other type of publication, may change their current content at any time, along with their bonus offers, promotions and rules. We are not obligated to reflect these changes on our own website, and while we do our best to update our data as needed, you may occasionally come across outdated information. It is your responsibility to verify any offers, promotions or information on each respective site, and we are not liable for errors on our site as a result of updates or changes to the original information.

2.2 We are dedicated to providing truthful and accurate information which we do to the best of our abilities, and in return we expect you to research and comply with local and national gambling regulations in your geographical area. By using our site, you confirm that you are of legal gambling age in your home country or in the country where you currently reside, and that you are legally allowed to partake in gambling activities. You also confirm that you are abiding by your country’s tax laws and regulations.

2.3 While using our site, you agree behave respectfully and to comply with our terms of conduct:


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5.1 The information provided by us is for informational purposes only, and we do not offer any gambling opportunities, casino games or similar on this site. 

5.2 We are not obligated to provide anything other than information that is accurate to the best of our knowledge, and we take no responsibility for information containing accidental errors, or information that may have changed since the time of writing. Our site is not obligated to provide up-to-date information. We are also not liable for anything related to third-party links, including promotions and bonus offers, and it is strictly your responsibility if you opt for using an external site or the services offered by a third-party company.

5.3 If you choose to click on a link on our site leading to an online casino, then you understand that we are not liable for the outcome of what you do on those third-party sites. We can not be held accountable for financial losses or a negative impact on your casino account balance as we are only an informational site.


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6.2 You hereby agree not to hold us or any of our employees or partners responsible for the consequences of your own actions, such as failure to comply with our Terms and Conditions or your own behavior and/or actions when visiting third-party sites.


7.1 All materials (both registered and unregistered) on our website, including copyright, trademarks, web page design, written content and other data, belong to us and may not be used in a way that breaches the terms agreed upon in the company’s Terms and Conditions.


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10.1 The Terms and Conditions in their current form are final, and are non-negotiable. Disagreements, general assumptions or misunderstandings should not and cannot alter the meaning of the terms stated here, and verbal agreements that differ from our Terms and Conditions are invalid.

10.2 Failure to comply with our Terms and Conditions are fully your responsibility, as this agreement is placed strictly between you and our website.

10.3 Our Terms and Conditions stated in this document are a legally binding agreement between two parties—our website and you, and may be used as such in the case of a legal disagreement or dispute.